This return and refund policy outlines the circumstances under which you may be eligible for a refund on your purchased service. This policy applies to both our online and offline sales. 

If you have any questions that are not addressed by this policy, please contact our customer care and support team by phone or email.

What if the vehicle has been sold or doesn’t want it to be inspected by the time the inspectors arrive at the vehicle seller’s location?

In such a circumstance, we will assign the technician to the next vehicle that you wish to inspect. But you need to pay 50% of the payment to reallocate the inspection since the technician arrived at the location. You can acquire the service again at any time for a one-year period from the date of the inspection by referring to your invoice copy number.

What if I want a refund after making a reservation?

After you make a reservation, we will appoint a technician for the time and day you specify. As a result, you are ineligible for a refund; your only choice is to transfer the booking to another individual for a checkup. If you need further information, please contact us directly.

Refund and Returns Policy